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Pump Repair


Pump Repair

All repairs and manufacturing are done in-house at our comprehensively equipped factory to stringent in house quality control systems by qualified staff. State of the art production facilities, modern machinery and highly trained technicians result in products of superb workmanship on which we pride ourselves!

Servicing your pumps with Balz® OEM parts will keep them running efficiently, reliably and maximize service life of the most wear-intensive components. Modern pump and motor test facility on-site complete with flowmeter, pressure transducer and 3 phase electric power analyzer with computerized printout of all performance tests.

Specialized welding techniques and general engineering.
Supply and repair of all types and makes of pumps.
Rewind and repair of electric motors up to 110kW
Selection and application of pumps and pumping systems including valves, control gear and drive arrangements.

Our Credo

OAD - Obsessive Attention to Detail

We measure ourselves constantly and compulsively to this credo.

We remain our own most stringent critics. We value the main source of income of our company ``our customers`` with high and appreciative regard and constructively evaluate their inputs to constantly ensure our improved output.
All products leaving our factory will be of the highest standard possible.
Don't take our word for it, please visit our works at any time to your avail to see for yourself, seeing is believing!