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Balz® Pump Range

300 Series VVS80 Vortex

  • The impeller is located in a recess in the pump casing and not in the water passage. The rotating motion of the impeller causes a vortex which allows for the free flow of larger solids and more fibrous materials.
  • Accidental phase reversal cannot harm the pump or dislodge the impeller.
  • No bearing maintenance required.
  • Maximum pump immersion depth 800mm.
  • Pump can also be supplied as a portable unit.
  • Non-clogging urethane impeller.
  • Can run dry indefinitely and rotates at 4 pole speed.
  • Bottom suction. Suction pipes of varying lengths can be fitted to the inlet of the pump casing to extend the immersion depth.
  • Direct driven rigid coupling design.
  • The 300 series makes use of the unique patented bubble sealing system.

Applicable Industries:

  • Minerals processing
  • Coal preparation
  • Chemical processing
  • Carbon transfer
  • Effluent handling
  • Pulp and paper
  • Sand and gravel
  • Power generation
  • Agriculture
  • Abattoir process
  • General tank applications

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VVS80 Accessories

Balz® Motor Protection Sleeve
Balz® Outlet Extension
Balz® Level Probe
Balz® Suction Extension Pipe
Balz® Canopy
Balz® Starter Panel
Balz® Square Sump
Balz® VVS80 Transport Cradle